24072015 – VK3/VU-010. VK3/VU-012 & VK3/VU-007

VK3/VU-010 – Mt Kerang
VK3/VU-012 – Mt Korong
VK3/VU-007 – Mt Kooyoora (VKFF-759 Kooyoora State Park

Three single pointers close to home. 

24072015VK3/VU-010 – Mt Kerang

The summits is on private land and requires permission. Access through the Kerang reserve. 

Call 0419383335 to gain permission. I contacted the owner earlier in week. Confirmed access but didn’t arrange to get a key as a quick walk up a defined road so happy to park and walk.

Conditions were poor with wide deep QSB on 40M combined with wind and patchy showers. This was a Boothy bag activation.


Called CQ on 7.032 for a while then decided to qualify the summit and kept moving.

24072015 – VK3/VU-012 – Mt Korong 

VK3VU 012

Parked off Wedderburn-Serpentine Rd at a defined picnic spot. From here it was a straight forward task to follow the tracks up to the summit then cut across to a suitable site for the antenna. There are a lot of tracks to choose from. They look like mountain bike tracks. Just keep heading up.  You can use the trig point as a target.

VK3VU 007

Conditions didn’t improve. Don’t let the sun fool you. Whilst it didn’t bucket down there was occasional showers and ever constant annoying wind.

Received low reports and a still a lot of noise. Qualified the summit and kept moving.

24072015 – VK3/VU-007 – Mt Kooyoora (VKFF-759 Kooyoora State Park


Conditions  still poorToo close not to go out and qualify.  Got the boothy bag and good coat etc so drove down the dirt road away from the top carpark to reduce the distance across the valley.

Ended up with 1.6Km cross country walk in a open area. Wet but not muddy. Setup on dark. Took dipole instead of the endFed this time to see if contacts improve.

VU 007

Barely qualified the summit for SOTA but not for VKFF. Just plain poor conditions. Dark and wet so was not going to spend the time for VKFF qualification. This is a nice location so will return for VKFF and operate from one of the many cleared areas available from the road. 

Packed up and walked across the valley in the dark back to my car. Walking through this bush was quote easy. Compare to the thick harsh scrub of the Grampians or dips and rises of the Alpine rather like a stroll.  It pays to take a marker with GPS for you parked car in these conditions. Once down it was straight line navigation.

Subie broken down on the way home.

She was running as per normal then the temp gauge shot up and the engine stopped. Overheated. Not sure why as always check radiator levels so suspect a hole in the radiator pipes.

Suspecting the worst I looked to get the car off the road and secure. Found a friendly farmer and left Subie in his front yard. 

Once these engines get hot then next step is to blow a head gasket. Unfornatually been here before. My brother inlaw is a mechanic and has the same model so knowledgable and able to address without breaking the bank.

APRS 24072015

I will have the car picked up and delivered to brother In-laws workshop. It will take a couple of weeks to address but she will be back for more.

Michele drove up and picked me up getting home very late.

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