02082015 – VK3/VC-018


Went to Mt Bunnyiong to participate in the VK1 SOTA party.

Note: The weather had the final say. It was too harsh for players to go out in VK1. The VK1 SOTA QSO party has been rescheduled for Sunday then 30th of August. One day before spring! Will go to VK3/VC-019 Mt Warrenheip.

These events are always well supported and a great source of Summit to Summit contacts.

I have a history of being late due to activating remote summits. This year I have kept the two closest summits for SOTA special events to ensure not late. Mt Bunnyiong is a good spot if your expecting harsh weather or want to operate for extended period.


I had several visitors interested in what I was up to. Ned turned up after seeing the alerts on SotaWatch. He his interested in ham radio, looking at SOTA and gaining a licence.

Normally you would only get pictures of antenna but Ned took a photo of me with my radio.  Don’ t be deceived, it may look nice but the wind was extremely chilling.

I had to repair the squid pole last night. This is my old unit as the current one is on the back of Subie that is currently at the mechanics.


It pays to place an alert on SotaWatch and arrive on time. Thanks Andrew VK3JBL for hosting the RBN gateway. It picked me up on the first call. Even with my manual CW sending.

Log 02082015

Only gained 8 contacts. There was a lot of activity but I was spending my time talking to interested observers. Packed up and moved on to complete my tasks for Sunday.

2 responses to “02082015 – VK3/VC-018”

  1. ned says :

    Photo came up OK . . . hope you didn’t get too cold and thanks for having a quick chat while you were on air!

  2. keyclix says :

    Appreciate your support Allen. In fact your conditions looked less hospitable than ours (for some part of the morning anyway). 30th Aug should be a big day.
    Andrew vk1da

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