Proposed – VK3/VT050, VK3/VT078 & VK3/VT059

Proposed Activation of North Hells Gate VK3/VT050, Gentle Annie VK3/VT078, South Hells Gate VK3/VT059


All the blogs (VK3ZPF VK3YY VK3WAM) describe a big day.

Given Proposch Rd is accessible with a 2WD vehicle during dry condition and is subject to seasonal closures, will leave this trip for Spring.

Map28 RoadsBunyip

Road Closures in Bunyip State Park

3 responses to “Proposed – VK3/VT050, VK3/VT078 & VK3/VT059”

  1. P. R. Taylor says :

    I activated Gentle Annie on July 12. See

    However I’m not as experienced/equipped/game as you, and would not have attempted Hells Gate in my little 2wd city runabout. Anyway the road into Gentle Annie from the south all the way to Proposch Tk was good. Of course Gentle Annie Tk is closed but it is not a long walk to the top. – Paul vk3hn.

  2. vk3yy says :

    I hope North Hells Gate is easier to get to than when we did it! Came away minus a squid pole and with lots of scratches! Thickest bush have seen for ages.

  3. Allen VK3HRA says :

    There are several references to the harshness of “North Hells Gate”. Sounds like the summit is appropriately named.

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