30082015 – VK3/VN-011

30082015 – VK3/VN-011  (Sugarloaf Peak)

(VKFF-755) – VKFF in Cathedral Range State Park


Have not been out for a while. Between a desire to complete some tasks at home and fighting the flu time has been compromised. With Subie at the mechanics I was looking for a site with clear access. Looking for summits I had not previously activated and that offer a bit of adventure. This summit was in range and promised a rock scramblev and very well documented

Research was quick as  previous activators Marshall  (VK3MRG) Peter (VK3ZPF) and Wayne (VK3WAM) all posting access info on SotaWatchTony VK3CAT description of access via Canyon Track was the clincher.  Sugarloaf Peak was on the agenda.

Good weather was forecasted so headed for the Sugarloaf Saddle Day Visitor Area then up via Canyon Track.

Short walk. Follow the orange triangles up and across the rocks.  Whilst foggy and rain the night before made the trek worthwhile as I would not want to be here in real rain or wind.


Still foggy at the top once I got there. 


but once the fog clears great views. 


Great day for S2S.

VK3Cat on VK3/VC-018, VK3BYD on VK3/VE-104, VK2IO on VK2/SM-068, VK3APW & VK3ZSJ on VK3/VC-03 and VK1NAM & VK1NMB on VK2/ST-004.

VK5STU in SANPCPA Sandy Creek CP(VKFF-933) and VK3FMPB in (VKFF-264) Kinglake National Park.

Great day out. Recommend this summit to any looking for a little adventure. Don’t get too worried. I was passed by several families enjoying the summit.

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