20092015 – VK3/VE-045

20092015 – VK3/VE-045 (Eagles Peak)

(VKFF-619) KRMNPA in Alpine


Got Subie back. Ruptured radiator and cooked engine. All fixed now so back out into the hills.


We are going into the Alpine NP from Mansfield. There are several summits available. VK3WAM and VK3CAT have been in this area. Both have written up their activations so not going in cold.

First trip to Eagles Peak. Have already picked up Mt Timbertop so aware of the area just have not been in too far. Checkout the roads and camping areas.

Access from Brocks Road off Howqua Track. This is a excellent track. Dirt and steep in a couple of places but 2WD the entire length. This is a better road then Snobs Creek Track.

OverView 20092015

After travelling at 20 – 40K/hr for 40min as there is traffic, you arrive at a T intersection of Brocks Rd and BuffLink Rd. This is where you stop.The Alpine NP is behind you and the Jamieson State Forest in fount. Off road parking. Very civil. There is a sign and a track to follow. You are in deer hunting territory now. Wear bright clothes and make noise.


3Km walk each way. Wayne VK3WAM planned for 1:30hr so I planned for 2hrs and was on target.


Not hard just starts by heading up and the last 500m is straight up. I stopped a couple of times to take in the views and once to talk with a deer hunter in the area. Apparently he saw a couple of deer but nothing big enough to take.There were even a couple of eagles soaring off the peak and regret not taking a picture.

A couple of trees across the track and a couple of places where you watch the edge but nothing to sorry about. Stay sharp. Not the place to be in wet storm but well this is the Alpine.

Views from the peak were excellent.View to VK3/VE-046 (The Governor);


View to VK3/VE-008 (Mt Buller) with setup in front. Took the small squid pole as wanted free hands for the ‘walk’ up.


Funny conditions. Put out a call on CW on 7.032 and got a response straight back from VK2AOH. Worked VK2CW, VK2IO, VK3PF, VK4RF & VK4HA then nothing. Good thing about CW is you can activate and eat your lunch. Called on 40m with VK2YK responding and nothing else. Could just hear VK3PF on 40m SSB. Only because I recognised the tone of his voice. Again interstate with VK4RF SSB 40m. Then the 2m handle squawked into life with VK3MRG on  VK3/VC-003. Could hear VK3AFW Ron working Marshall 59 on 146.525 but he did not come back to me. Final contact for the day was Steve VK7CW and as starting to get cold, it was time to packup and head back down the summit.

Could not hear anything from the boys (VK3JBL ,VK3KAB and VK3YY) on Mt Baw Baw until we were both walking down then on 2M.

View from summit looking down to the track, yes its over the top and down.


This area has great access, excellent camping grounds and summits everywhere. I intend to camp at Howqua Hills H.A and activate the summits in the area going forward.

2 responses to “20092015 – VK3/VE-045”

  1. vk3yy says :

    Shame we missed you from Mt. St. Phillack, conditions were pretty lousy on 40m…..nice write up.

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