02102015 – VK3/VE-013 & VK3/VE-047


02102015 – VK3/VE-013 The Bluff

02102015 – VK3/VE-047 Rocky Ridge

(VKFF-619) KRMNPA in Alpine

APRS working very well in this area.  Relaying through VK3RLE.

We were given a new public holiday this year and I used it to activate SOTA summits.

Drove up after work Thursday through Mansfield (made the petrol station by 9:00pm) then down Howqua track and camp at Davons Flat. 

BaseCamp VIew


Actual 02102015


VK3/VE-013 The Bluff


Up at 6:00 so coffee, packup tent then head down Brooks Rd. Both Brooks Rd and Bluff Link road to The Bluff are in excellent condition.

Took 1:30hrs to reach the Bluff Walking track.I take it easy in Subie and the biggest danger are the other drivers and it was busy with the long weekend.


Sign says 1:30 and its right. It took me 1:24 to reach the summit. Follow the track. Towards the summit the track and creek becomes a bit blurred. There was patches of snow on the summit and water melt. Having read the blogs (VK3WAM & VK3CAT) both described a barren summit and upon seeing this for myself,  setup under trees just in the zone. It was a slow day. Conditions better than last weekend and a great clear sunny day.  

S2S with VK3PF on VK3/VG-027 then VK3BYD on VK3/VN-001. This has given me 2500+ S2S points.


View to Mt Bogong, Mt Selwyn and Hotham to the right. Can see forever.

VK3/VE-047 Rocky Ridge

Head back down Brooks Rd to clearing at base of Rocky Ridge. Park car in shade and proceed up to the summit. The track is not as clear here. Well there were several tracks. It is clear where you are headed and the terrain is clear so head up the hill, turn left and stay away from the ridge.

Simple setup. End Fed, Ft817 with the short squid pole again in the shade.  


Again S2S with VK3BYD on VK3/VN-005 and VK3PF on VK3/VG-064. Different summits for all involved.

Great day to be out in the bush. Recorded 34.5C. Still waiting for the roads to be open but really impressed with what you can access from Brooks Road.


Access Notes:

The National Parks 35B map shows this area and closed roads.

Spatial Vision Buller-Howitt Apline Area (1:50,000 scale topographic map) covers the alpine area around Mt Buller, Mt Howitt, Mt Speculation, The Bluff and The Crosscut Saw.

One response to “02102015 – VK3/VE-013 & VK3/VE-047”

  1. vk3cat says :

    Tanks for the the SOTA complete Allen. Could not hear anything of you from The Bluff.

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