24102015 – Summits and Parks event

25101205VK2/RI-026 The Rock Hill

25102015VK2/RI-025 Mount Flakney

The weekend had excellent APRS coverage thanks to  Wagga Amateur Radio Club (WARC)  

APRS 25102015

The day started by meeting at the  WARC club rooms for introductions and lunch (Real BBQ with sausages, burgers, onion, salad and bread).With lunch over it was time to start presentations. We had to maintain discipline to start the presentations as the room was full of talk and an abundance of portable equipment to investigate. 


VK3PF Peter, VK3BYD Warren and VK2YW John sorting projectors and computers.

The event formally kicked off with a Welcome from John VK2YW then followed with;
  • VK3BYD Warren – CW Activations 
  • VK3PF Peter – Showing different options for Portable Antenna
  • VK2YW John – Demonstrating Log4OM
  • VK3HRA Allen – Updating all with the latest tools from ParksnPeaks
  • VK5PAS Paul – Discussing Portable DX
  • VK3PF Peter – Demonstrated some Mapping Tools
Show and Tell was ongoing on during the day, including the mid-afternoon break.
Dinner at the William Farrer Hotel. The food was good and disputed the venue being loud we talked of activations and radios until time to head to off.
No late night here. An enjoyable walk back to the motel for a early start Sunday.
Sunday 25 October 2015
We gathered back at the Wagga ARC clubrooms to discussed plans for the day. Three summits would be activated, with a larger group going to Mt Flakney.

Marcus VK3TST, David VK4DD, Peter VK3PF, John VK2YW,  Warren VK3BYD, Ian VK5CZ and Allen VK3HRA.


Paul VK5PAS had already set off and was operating from Livingstone National Park. Marc VK3TST decided to headed off to VK2/RI-03 and I was off to VK2/RI-026. The rest headed off to VK2/RI-025, a summit on private land that John VK2YW had secured access to. 
Presentations and pictures will be available on the ParksnPeaks site in due course
VK2/RI-026 The Rock Hill

Headed up to The Rock with Michele. The intent was to avoid the midday heat. Summer is coming.



The Rock Hill is about 30 Km SW of Wagga Wagga, near the town called “The Rock”. Access is straight forward. You follow the Yerong Walking Track which is 3 Km each way with about a 250 m climb. Setup off the summit as there was a lot of traffic on this summit. Very popular with all kinds up there.

First contact was with Marcus on the 2M handheld once on the summit. Qualified with S2S contacts and decided to finish up with CW as need the practice.


S2S with the boys on VK2/RI-025 Mount Flakney

VK2YW John on VK2/RI-025


VK5CX Ian on VK2/RI-025

Waited to gain final S2S with VK1VIC on Mount Gudgenby VK1/AC-009 before packing up and head across to the second summit for the day. 

VK2/RI-025 Mount Flakney
Exploiting the fact that VK2YW John had arranged access to Mt Flakeney and given its close proximity to Wagga this seamed the logical summit to activate.
First contact was on SSB but rest with CW. I was able to add to my complete tally as had worked both these summits. Its was a good day but time to packed up and head back to the car then across the plains to Berrigan to stay with my parents for the night with no summits in sight.
Despite low numbers the inaugural Summits and Parks seminar in Wagga was a great sucess. It was nice to meet everyone and great to see 4 states represented. Thanks those who attended and many thanks to John VK2YW and the guys at the Wagga Club for their pre work ensuring the day was a success.

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