28112016 – VKFF-0968 & VKFF-0964 2015 VKFF parks activation weekend – 28/11/2015

(VKFF- 0968) – Hepburn Regional Park

(VKFF-0964) – Creswick Regional Park

Saturday the 28/11/2015 I took part in the inaugural VKFF activation weekend.

Paul VK5PAS has put a lot time and effort has been put into making the Australian WWFF program as big as it is. Its terrific to see the amount of radio amateurs participating by heading out to set up portable in so many parks over the weekend.

Paul VK5PAS continues to develop the WWFF parks award schema. The new parks have been welcome as they are Regional and State parks.

This activation weekends for all the award schemes are well supported. This is a great excuse for another weekend promote the Australian WWFF program.

Missed the KRMNPA weekend due to life. Time is been tight this time of the year so decided to look locally.

The recent additions have put 6 additional parks in 50km from my QTH;

Ref Name Latitude Longitude Distance Bearing
VKFF-0757 Enfield -37.7331 143.7422 23.95km WSW
VKFF-0964 Creswick -37.4754 143.8982 25.78km NNW
VKFF-0055 Brisbane Ranges -37.8411 144.2397 26.33km SE
VKFF-0775 Werribee Gorge -37.6623 144.3590 30.96km E
VKFF-0763 Lerderderg -37.5672 144.3760 35.08km ENE
VKFF-0968 Hepburn -37.3042 144.1366 44.35km NNE
VKFF-0982 You Yangs -37.9523 144.4110 45.80km SE

You cal generate a list of Parks and SOTA summits within the range of a given set of cordinates as a KML file from ParksnPeaks.org – Tools. KML is a file format used to display geographic data in an Earth browser such as Google Earth or Google Maps. This will allow you to use the 3D features that these applications offer to explore your area of interest looking for access or grouping opportunities. 

A few points of interest here. Brisbane Ranges National Park qualifies for KRMNPA. Even a SOTA peak as VK3/VC-030 (Flinders Peak) is in VKFF-0982 (You Yangs).

So WWFF requires Mobile station with 44 contacts. VKFF and again Mobile but only requires 10 contacts to qualify. Both VKFF and WWFF allow for the number of contacts over several activations to qualify. Both VKFF and WWFF allow operating from and using vehicle power & antenna is acceptable.  

Will be using FT897. This until has a internal nicads. Allows for 20watt output. No leads or external batteries. Using a QRP 20/40 trapped dipole. The traps are from SOTA Beams. These traps are easy to build and rated for 20 Watts. No tuner required and SWR can be monitored on the FT897 to ensure no issues. The nicad battery claims 4hrs. The radio ran fine all afternoon on single internal nicad.  20 watts is enough. This would have qualified as a portable operation.

If ran out of juice with the internal battery would have used a gel cell. I have a 20AH gel cell in the car on power poles. Its job is to run the APRS radio to relay when out on SOTA  activations. Don’t want to drain the battery to start the car and Subie is a bit small for a redundant battery setup. 

Ended up picking up two local parks recently added to the award.

(VKFF- 0968) – Hepburn Regional Park

VKFF 0968

Mt Franklin is in a remote piece of the Hepburn Regional Park. I have driven past this hill several times so was looked forward to activating it.

Access is excellent. From Daylesford, head north on the Midland Hwy. You will come up to a sigh indicating Mt Franklin Rd. Follow into the park. Note the camping grounds at the base. Head left and you drive right up to the top to a open area with enough room to run up antenna. Limited views through the heavy trees. 

15 Park 2 Park contacts. It appears all we out in parks.

VKFF 0968 Log

Qualified for VKFF but not WWFF.

Claiming 1 point for Volcanoes on the Air as Mt Franklin is a result of volcanic activity. 

(VKFF-0964) – Creswick Regional Park

VKFF 0964

Creswick is on the way home from Daylesford. We stopped at Daylesford for coffee and cake.

Creswick Regional park covers large area close to Creswick.  Its a case of selecting a site to suit your needs. We were looking for a spot for the dipole.

Went behind St Georges Lake to activate the Creswick Regional Park.

7 P2P contacts. 

VKFF 0964 Log

44 needed for qualifying for WWFF, so I be visiting both these sites again.

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