16012016 – VK3/VS-040, VK3/VS-031 & VK3/VS-041

VK3/VS-040  Clark Hill

VK3/VS-031 Green Hill

VK3/VS-041 Red Hill 

All qualify for VKFF-0213 Grampians National Park

Good day to out. Only got to 32℃. Mind you constantly looking and smelling for any signs of fire activity.

The handheld was scanning police and CFA channels to be sure. She ran flat coming down from Green Hill. Mind you has been used a lot at home over the last week for the same role. Maybe time for a desktop drop in charger. 

The low winter rain fall is evident as the bush is dry. Kangaroos and wallabies everywhere. I come into this part of the Grampians via Yarram Gap road to reduce the distance travelling in the park to avoid hitting a roo. 

VK3/VS-040 Clark Hill


View from Clark Hill to Green HIll.

1.5Km walk from Beehive track which is off Serra Rd. Both dirt roads but 2WD in summer. Parked in the shade and walked up the ridge line. Two reasons, to avoid the thicker growth and any snakes that may be in the gullies.

GPSTracks 001

Setup the 21m endfed with mini squid pole. In the end only using to attach the tuner as ran the wire 21m straight across the summit.  Using the smaller unit as wanted hands clear to negotiate the rocks on the way. 


S2S with VK2BJP on VK3/VE-029, VK1DI on VK1/AC-035 and finally VK2TWR & VK1MA from VK3/VG-031. The vegetation does get a bit thick and there are a couple of rock scrambles. All in the fun for a 2 pointer.

VK3/VS-031 Green Hill

Continue down Beehive track turning left into Greens Creek track then right into Boundary Rd. I parked so as to walk up the ridge line.There are a lot of animal tracks and the vegetation a lot clearer which is good as this summit gets rocky towards the top and you need to see where your feet are going. Easy setup at the top. 

 S2S with VK2BJP from VK3/VE-077 and VK3ARR on VK3/VC-031.

VK3/VS-041 Red Hill

RedHill was the bonus summit for the day.  Hard to drive past when you’re in the area. There is a track on the Garmin maps off RedHill Trk. It is still there  but not really accessible by cars. Maybe a CAT but not a Subie. Whilst the track is overgrown it is clear and allows for fast walking and positions you well for the final ascent.  Again there are rocks and vegetation to deal with. You could argue more effort that 2 points are worth but I want all the summits in the Grampians and these will add to my complete score as worked Wayne VK3WAM last year. Anyway a plesant way to spend a calm Saturday afternoon.


As I was walking in the area there was a constant rustle of reach of roos moving in the bush. Saw two emus but no snakes so all good. This the dam near VK3/VS-041. This dam is where the ‘track’ is. Crept up for a look and there were at least a dozen roos drinking. By the time I got my camera out most had hopped away.  

19 contacts all SSB including S2S with VK2TWR & VK1MA from VK3/VG-057. Packed up and headed out down Victoria Valley Rd. Had to stop to let the roos go across the road. Got home in time to catch VK5FLEX in the Red Banks Conservation Park.

Just finishing up summits in the Grampians. A handful left. Waiting on access to be opened for the Mt Difficult are to activate VK3/VW-008 – Mount Gar/Difficult and VK3/VW-010 – South Mt Difficult Range.

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