30012016 – VK3/VW-012,VK3/VW-020 & VK3/VW-022

VK3/VW-012 – VK3/VW-012 in VKFF-0213 Grampians NP

VK3/VW-020 – Mt Zero in VKFF-0213 Grampians NP

VK3/VW-022  – Mt Arapiles in VKFF-0765 Mount Arapiles-Tooan SP

Trip around North Grampians picking up a couple of summits that I had not yet activated. 


This is Mt Difficult Range from VK3/VW-012. These are the summits that I really want however as  access is still restricted due to the fires 2015 I will instead pick the final ones in the area. This will make a for a tidy association and adds to the complete score. 

VK3/VW-012 – VK3/VW-012 in VKFF-0213 Grampians NP

Drove down the western and turned into Roses Gap road. Turned into Pohlners Road then a case of finding the closest place to park. Walked straight across a flat area that has recently burnt. If your planning on activating this summit then now its the time to do it. Once the regrowth comes back it will be interesting. The final 200m is across rocks and up. The rocks would be a challenge in the rain but not today. Looking for shade.  Found a great operating spot in shade with a log for the squid pole and clear run with the antenna Nth/Sth. 


Setup using end fed and FT817. Called on 7.032 for a while before going over to SSB. Final contact as CW S2S with VK2IO on VK2/HU-047.

Qualified and moved on to Mt Zero down Pohlners Road. 

VK3/VW-020 – Mt Zero in VKFF-0213 Grampians NP


Mt Zero had been on the list several times. Always a fallback summit.

Access is easy. Follow signs to the picnic ground. Follow the yellow triangles on the walking track for ~30 minutes and you are there. The summit is quite tight and busy with walkers as this is a popular spot. I had to climb rocks to position antenna to ensure not annoying the other users.  


S2S with VK3WE on VK3/VG-127. Qualified so time to move on as Mt Arapilies was not coming to me.

Back onto Western Hwy to Horsham and across on the to Mt Arapiiles. Another summit that had been on radar for a while.   


VK3/VW-022  – Mt Arapiles in VKFF-0765 Mount Arapiles-Tooan SP


Drove up to the car park for the fire lookup. Setup on the rocks out of the way. Storms coming from VK5 so a case of qualify and get back on the road home. Didn’t qualify the park for VKFF so will be back. 

4 responses to “30012016 – VK3/VW-012,VK3/VW-020 & VK3/VW-022”

  1. VK2TWR says :

    Hi Allen yes agree get in and activate these summits before the re growth comes in my 3 summit weekend in the Guthega Area Sm-017SM-031 SM-040 i will be doing one summit a day i have planned this for the weekend 19-20-21 Feb to coincide with the boys all going to Hotham for the weekend 2 of the Summits have the regrowth but it is still pretty short so i will make sure that i am dressed properly gaiters and long trouser and long sleeved shirts
    doing them 1 per day will maximize my S/S through the day
    if your planning on being out that weekend hope to catch up and thanks for the interesting blog
    Cheer Rod

  2. Allen VK3ARH says :

    Hi Rod

    Your right, you cant be too prepared. I go in with heavy shirts, long pants and even gloves. The risk from snakes is minimalism with gathers but its the damage the saplings can do to you thats a real concern. With the regrowth comes weeds and vines, then is a hard slog. Lots of water and sunscreen.

    Really hanging for access to Mt Difficult Range. Its a full day on tracks but the las of the big summits in the area.

    Looking forward to working you on the Hotham weekend.


  3. Andrew VK1AD says :

    Tough landscape Allen, your patience will pay off. Good write up.

  4. vk5bje says :

    Hi Allen, I am going back to the Grampians in April/May and looking for some summits. I have the Park qualified with 44+. I can activate Mount William again but Mount Zero looks interesting. I have not been there. I appreciate your description and advice on activating. I have activated Mt Arapiles before and might give it a go again.
    John D

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