06032016 – VK3/VW-013 & VK3/VW-014

VK3/VW-013 West of England Range in VKFF-0629 Kara Kara National Park.

VK3/VW-014 Black Range

Two summits, One I had missed and another that had never been activated.

VK3/VW-013 West of England Range.


This is a summit that I have not previously activated. Have been in the area as have picked up the other summits in this park so back today. Forget Hines Rd. It is a private road and has a gate. Having eliminated this obvious road I turned back and followed access notes as per previous activators (VK3ZPFVK3WAM & VK3PF ) which is a case of through Redbank along Redbank-Barkly Rd into the Kara Kara NP, then up the rough Centre Road. The Spoon drains on Centre Rd make it AWD otherwise clean access. Summit at top of hill as expected.


First activation with 20/40 lightweight trapped dipole. Received great signals.  Can’t really give a valid view with the end fed given and dipole unless running both at same time which I was not but receiving 59s instead of 57s. 

Qualified on CW with a SOTA S2S with VK3ZPF on VK3/VC-002  and P2P between (VKFF-0556) Yarra Ranges NP and (VKFF-0629)  Kara Kara NP.

VK3/VW-014 Black Range

Drove across to Stawell then down the Western Hwy to turn right into Churchill Crossing after the train line overpass before Great Western. Ther are other options but this worked for me. You are looking for Browns lane.  Turn into Browns lane and drive for 2K’s then turn left (54 H 657857 5888380 marked above as 040) to carefully drive up to the summit. AWD track. Rutts and scrub again take it slow and no issues. 


 The track goes to the summit but I parked in the saddle and walked the final 200m looking for a spot in shade given it was 40C.


Great views to Mt Langi Ghiran with VK3/VS-042 Mt Boswell on private land to the left.


This time qualified SSB with S2S again with VK3ZPF on VK3/VC-027 before going to CW. Packed up once the radio went silent and made it home in time for tea. 

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