13032016 – VK3/VC-032

VK3/VC-032 – Unnamed Summit

Posts on the SOTA group over the days running up to the long weekend indicated several (VK6NU & VK3BYD) would be going out with MTR devices. These are great little radios and as I had no plans for activations decided to go to a local summit to seek MTR S2S contacts.


Used the 20/40 trapped dipole setup NS and had the FT817 ready for SSB chasing. Only had to swap the antenna when the phone indicated new opportunities.  


Did not pick up VK6NU but did collect 17 CW contacts including 5 S2S contacts, 9 SSB contacts for 7 S2S but unexpected was 3 2M FM contacts including a S2S.

With the handheld on tippy toes, I worked VK3KIM Ken on VK3/VC-006 a distance of 116km then VK3ZAZ, Steve in Hamilton a distance of 176km and finally VK3MEL Mal in Bunnyiong a distance of 141km. Steve was using a directional array and taking advantage of the ducting to work us and VK7.

Don’t know what the propagation gods are up to as contidions went from excellent to marginal and back again but had a good day.

The MTR used 45%of the 850mA 3S Lipo battery for 2hrs operation. The FT817 used 40% of a 2500mA 3S Lipo battery for the same period. It spent the majority  of time off.

Worth getting up on a holiday for.

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