24032016 – VK3/VT-003 & VK3/VT-005

24032016 – VK3/VT-003 (Picture Point Range)

24032016 – VK3/VT-005 (Trapyard Hill)

Both in (VKFF-619) KRMNPA in Alpine National Park.


24/Mar/2016 VK3/VT-003 (Picture Point Range)

Left the car at McFarlane Saddle Carpark (55 H 486719 5852459) on the Moroka Road, 60 km from Licola up the Tamboritha Rd. 2WD all the way. You turn into Moroka Rd instead of heading to up Mt Howitt Road. This is a good spot. Has campsites and pit toilet. The walk to Picture Point follows a well defined track across Wellington Plains. Forget following Spion Kopje Walking track as did not see any trace. Wellington Plains track is well defined, clear and going your way. Short sprint to the summit through easy scrub and your there. 


This is why we carry jackets and Bothy bags. As I got to the summit the clouds came in, bit of wind and few drops of rain.


Not a problem today in-fact quite calming, the Alpine whilst beautiful, has her own rules. Be prepared.

Setup with dipole heading N/S. Received great signal reports. 40M is working again. Finished up and headed back as on a tight schedule. 

25/Mar/2016 VK3/VT-005 (Trapyard Hill)

Start from McFarlans Saddle.  Well walked back from Picture Point to the car and after a feed and drink, headed off. There is debate as to the best access to Trapyard Hill. There is no track, well there was no continuous clear track you can follow you have to go bush. Options are to walk down Moroka Road or heading straight across through the bush. I decided to head through the scrub, going from clearing to clearing keeping the rocky outcrop as my target. The scrub is thick but not a issue. This is not a “Hells Gate”. 


I headed for “55 H 487600 5852100” as this saddle appeared to be the easiest path across. Final access is up the rocks to the summit.

Broke my walking stick coming up the rocks. Setup and qualified on CW. Few drops of rain and a bit of wind but no issues.

I went back by heading down the rocks then turning right and heading through the bush to come out on Moroka Road and walked around back to the car. Bit longer and easier access, not as much fun but faster.

Did see a point at “55 H 487677 5852290” this appeared to be a track head. Worth investigating.

VHF APRS does not work very well in this area. I can setup the cr to rep[eat but My SPOT device is reliable. This device sends location information sent via satellites and is visible in APRS system via VK8GG Geoffs SPOT to APRS page – http://positlogger.net


compared to APRS,


Next time add “Cromwell Knob” to the list.

One response to “24032016 – VK3/VT-003 & VK3/VT-005”

  1. Andrew VK1AD says :

    Hi Allen, looks as though you had a cold morning brrr. Great pictures, thanks for sharing.


    Andrew VK1AD

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