22042016 – VK3/VT-028 & VK3/VT-039


22042016 – VK3/VT-039 (McCarthy Spur)

22042016 – VK3/VT-028 (Mt Horsfall) – (VKFF-0556) Yarra Ranges National Park

Two summits I have not previously activated. Took Friday off for the task to a

Followed McCarthy Spur Road out of Noojee. Parked off Boundary Rd as the blogs of previous activators (VK3CAT, VK3ZPF and VK3MRG) indicated this was as good a spot as any. Tony VK3CAT has a good image of the area worth printing and taking.

VK3/VT-039 (McCarthy Spur)


It is a 160m walk through the scrub. Leave about 30min as this is a bush bash. Not as bad as it looks as at least no vines. Setting up is a challenge. ‘Walked’ to the top chasing what appeared to be a clearing but nothing to note. Glad took the end fed as not enough space for dipole. The squid pole was used to stop me sliding off rocks a couple of times and doubled to hold the antenna up clear on setup. 

9 contacts with good reports. Decided to keep moving as had two more on the list for today. Crashed back down the hill to the car and headed off to the next site. 

Followed Boundary Rd out and then across on Whitelaw Track to Mt Horsfall. Easy navigation as stay with the major roads.These roads are subject to seasonal closure. Passed several gates on the way. Straight forward with AWD Subie on the day as despite recent rain still very dry and no challenges across the tracks, but would be a different story in wet conditions. 

22042016 – VK3/VT-028 (Mt Horsfall)


This is a great spot to operate from.

Setup behind the sign so qualified for Yarra Ranges National Park. The present of a pole to setup antenna from also helped. 13 contacts. The sky was grey and fog moved up whilst was activating. Despite the threats it didn’t rain. 

Next target was Mt Toorongo Range. Followed Road 20 (Whitelaw Track and signed as “40 Mile Break” at the start) avoiding the turns down Road 3, and road turns into Toorongo Road then joins Toorongo Tanjil Link Road. Should have been a simple operation to access Mt Toorongo but no. Took a wrong turn coming out. Ended up following Ridge Road and exploring some of the logging areas there. This took 40min from my time so too late to activate Mt Toorongo Range. Not a big problem as already activated and really chasing new sites.

Backtracked once GPS decide to advise me to take Fawcett Track out. This was closed with a gate. Did see the intersection to Ridge Road all the way so dare say could have kept going.

Good tracks in the area. Easy to get confused as the logging tracks are well worn. Back on the highway after following Baw Baw Tourist Road down and successfully  avoiding the long weekend traffic as going the opposite direction ! 

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