2016 – VK3/VC-018

VK3/VC-018 – Mt Buninyong

This is my closest summit. It has sealed access and covered areas. 20m from home to operating.

Can setup along barriers so should align for EU DX.

Intend to use the summit to hone CW skills and test antennas.


01052016 – ZL3 Launch

Dipole running NNNE along barriers so also good for ZL3.

As the South Island of New Zealand will be active from 0000 UTC on May 1, and a number of activations are planned for on or near rollover. Decided to go up to Mt Bunnyiong.Thanks Andrew,Warren and Wynne for the contacts. Good to get ZL3 in the log on its first day of operation.

2016 05 01

14 contacts. S2S with Andrew ZL/VK3ARR, Warren ZL2AJ, ZL2ATH Wynne on 20m and finally VK3BYD Warren locally on 40M.

Listened for VK2IO and VK1MBE on 20m .Could hear ZL chasers but neither activators. So the skip zone was working to ZL and over the VK sites. 

Wet and windy so worked 7.090 SSB for the local chasers and then back home for breaky.

24042016 – EU DX Take One.

Went up to Mt Bunnyiong to try my hand at SOTA DX with CW.

5 Contacts.

Screen Shot 2016 04 25 at 1 27 21 pm

Called on 30M then went to 20M for DX. 30m was quite but there were several responses but too fast for me.

Did secure OK2PDT Jan in Czechoslovakia.

So the conditions were right, just need more CW practice.

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