10042016 – VK3/VS-014 & VK3/VS-011

VK3/VS-014 – Signal Peak

VK3/VS-011- Mt Abrupt

Both in VKFF-0213 Grampians NP

Revisited a couple of summits previously activated. Close to home and guaranteed to give a challenge.


View from Mt Abrupt looking back at Signal Peak then down the Sierra Range.

VK3/VS-014 (Signal Peak)

There is no track to Signal Peak. There are marker tape left from the “Serra Terror” event however at the end of the day you are making it up as you go. Best to keep as close to the ridge line as possible. I have previously approached from the rear of the summit previously only to get caught in thick scrub. I deviated to the left on this occasion on the way up and hit thick harsh scrub. Was able to follow the ridge line tighter on the way down and it was heaps easier. 


058 is where the track deviates from marked and 042 is a point you should aim for both going up and down.

I setup the antenna as soon as could find a spot in the activation zone. The best place was with a rock outcrop get the antenna out of the scrub and hide from the wind and rain. Love the Grampians, she just keeps on giving. 

15 contacts including a S2S with VK2HPN on VK1/AC-042. Packed up once band went quite as wanted to complete without walking in the dark.

VK3/VS-011 (Mt Abrupt)


View of Mt Abrupt from Signal Point. 

Headed back down the summit. There 058 is the point where the ‘track’ joins the real track to Mt Abrupt. They are not encouraging the route to Signal Peak but it is obvious once you see it.

Follow the track marked to Mt Abrupt. There is a lot of traffic on the track. I can’t believe how under prepared some walkers are. OK its only a couple of K’s and well marked but still have to consider weather. Water and jackets are essential. I may go out alone but do carry enough equipment to look after myself should the weather turn. Anyway….

Setup using the trig point as not a lot of solid points on the summit. 19 contacts in the wind.


View looking back on the walk back. About 60min of light left enough to get back to car.  

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  1. Andrew VK1AD says :

    Amazing photo Allen

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