2205201 – VK3/VT-040, VK3/VC-028 & VK3/VC-037

VK3/VT-040 – Spion Kopje

VK3/VC-028 – Dingo Ridge – WWFF Bunyip State Park(VKFF-0753)

VK3/VC-037 – VK3/VC-037– WWFF Bunyip State Park(VKFF-0753)


I’ve all but ran out of summits so continuing my activations of summits in and around the Bunyip State Park. This is adding to the “SOTA Complete” component. Currently having 149 summits I have activated and chased. Levering the bogs of those who have gone before me for access planning.

For this area VK3ZPF Peter and VK3YY Glenn, VK3PF Peter and VK3CAT Tony had gone before me.

I found VK3/VT-040 – Spion Kopje as expected. Good track with a clear open area at the top. Would not want to be coming out in the dark or rain due to the rocks but otherwise good site.

Walked the 5Km into VK3/VC-028 – Dingo Ridge from Pettigrew Rd. Actually without sounding too much like a tosser but, I use a fitBit to track steps and was down for the day. Goal is to gain at lease 10K daily so happy to walk on open tracks. No navigation required just walk until hit the intersection. 

VK3/VC-037 – VK3/VC-037 Follow the road up until you hit the gate. In the zone so setup and qualified in the dark. 

Three summits provided a good day out playing SOTA. Challenging walk with straight forward navigation. Worth doing as a set.


Quite activations. No S2S. The SPOT device has best coverage. APRS from the car does get packets into the system.


Did go to 20m for DX. Used 14.285 ssb which have since discovered classes with Russian net thus explaining why my QRP signal got no response. Live and learn.

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