160m End Fed

160 to 6m Endfed for Portable deployment.

This is a big antenna and will not be suitable for tight summits. However ideal for Alpine summits.


135 feet or more then 42m appears to be the go.

7M squid pole holding top at 7m. Yellow cord to keep tips 2m off ground.

guy on squid pole

RF choke on RG174. 8 turns so can use 10m shield as counterpoise.Ends held in place with cable ties then covered in heat shrink tubing.

RF Choke;

End Fed – http://vk6ysf.com/longwire_antenna.htm

VK6YSF 9:1UNUN  http://vk6ysf.com/unun_9-1_v2.htm

W4KGH 9:1 UNUN http://w4kgh.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Instructions-for-W4KGH-End-Fed.pdf

Emergency Amateur Radio Club of Hawaii (EARCHI) 40m to 6m Endfed antenna using a 9:1 match. It consists of 30ft (10m) of wire fed into a 9:1 UnUn (Unbalanced to Unbalanced).Plans for the Antenna are available from EARCHI’s website 

Counterpoise lengths appear to be quarter the lowest band so for  160m will be 40m. The ideal radiator length is one that avoid harmonic multiples (1/4 or 1/2) of the operating frequencies.  Why is this not a dipole ? High impedance to support multi band operations. Here are the sites that describe the radiator lengths;


http://www.balundesigns.com/content/ Wire%20Lengths%20for%204%20and%209-1%20ununs.pdf


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