04062017 – VK3/VS-008 & 12062017 – VK3/VS-016

Saving pennies as want a HF radio in the car so picking up local summits.

VS 016

Testing gear and practicing activating in the wet conditions. This included setting up antenna (dipole v end fed) in tight positions, navigating without GPS and wet conditions.

04/Jun/2017 – VK3/VS-008 (Mt Cole)

Mt Cole has easy access however the operating environment is with heavy undergrowth so a challenge when wet. You could drive to the summit however I’m happy to walk so parked down hill and walked up. Open so easy to deploy dipole  but the the ferns looked great but hide rocks, hold water and catch antenna wires making setup diffucult.

12/Jun/2017 – VK3/VS-016 (Mt Gorrin)

Mt Gorrin whilst a short walk is challenging as no defined track (the way I went) and rocky operating position.Navigation up is simple as head for the highest point however rocks in the way so have to stay aligned.  Top is rock so dipole was more trouble than worth. End Fed killed it here.


Bothy bags are excellent.

The KX3 is a killer radio. Inbuilt ATU, internal battery and the CW filters make for a top quality radio in a box however it is not ready for harsh conditions.

The 817 with internal battery in a Worldpouch case is ready for harsh conditions. However lacking inbuilt tuner. THere are several options for end fed tuners or use use a trapped dipole.

The resonate trapped dipole is a superior antenna to an end fed. However the end fed is easier to setup as only required two points whilst the dipole requires three and a central position.

The FT817 with resonate antenna is the choice for harsh operating conditions.

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