10032018 – VK JA ZL – EU S2S QSO Party

VK3/VC-032 – Unnamed local summit

The VK JA ZL – EU S2S organising committee (Andrew VK1AD, Mike 2E0YYY and Ed DD5LP) selected Saturday 10 March 2018 for the third annual SOTA VK – EU S2S evening.

This annual event has grown beyond VK – EU with ZL, JA and even Canada posting alerts. These are well supported as S2S contacts are always prized. 

I activated VK3/VC-032, a local 4 pointer that is close to my QTH, very convenient given the late kickoff (0630 UTC). 


The bands were active with stations from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, as well as the UK, Germany, Russia, Austria, The Slovak Republic, Rumania and Spain.

Used trapped 20/40 dipole with the 7M squid pole as an inverted V. The KX3 had a 4S battery so 15w.

Weather was better than last year however propagation average. CW worked JA fine. Picked up VK3 & VK6 S2S SSB.

Heard no ZL and nothing from Canada or South Africa so maybe next year. Heard and called HB9DQM/P CW and SV2RUJ/P SSB but failed to secure a contact. 


Thanks to the organisers, its a fun event and I will be back next year for more.




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