02062019 – VK3/VC-024

02062019 – VK3/VC-024 Mt Beckworth

Mount Beckworth Scenic Reserve not in WWFF ? Why not ? well because its (SCR) Scenic Reserve. Any way its close and has a great SOTA summit so no WWFF for you but a quick run for me.

This is a contuniation of my current plan of finding a good walk and test equipment during winter plan.


Easy access to the summit but ignore the GPS to get to the park. From Coghills Creek road, turn into Fentons Rd then right into Mountain Creek road. Turn right towards Manna Gumms camp ground. I park just before Manna Gumms in a clear open area as the track up to the summit has easy access from here. Follow the track up to the ridge line. Noting where you need to turn off once on the ridge. Its a good short (1.6Km walk for 216m height gain) walk on clear tracks but still has challanges if wet due to the rocks. Once on the summit you are presented with an open flat area with log benches. Perfect for a bit of SOTA. Deployed the double again with excellent results. Maybe having the ends off the ground is worth the effort !


Rolled out and setup cleanly. Watching the antenna carefully as not convinced it will be a rugged as the end-fed but so far the SOTABeams wire is standing up to the demands. Here is a detail view of the feeder and choke.

Received good signal reports Cant be sure if the antenna is as big a factor as propagation but these were on 5w. 


The rain was looming so once secured Steve decided it was time to pack up and head home. The KX3 is a ‘shack in a box’ but a shack with leaky roof so need to keep out of rain.


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