26122019 – VK3/VS-054

VK3/VS-054 – Mount Noorat

IMG 0977

New summit. Well an dormant volcano (5,000 and 20,000 years ago) that was added to the VK3 list during recent review. Situated near my inlaws so decided to pick up on boxing day.

Access is from Morack St off Glenormistomn Rd Mt Noorat. Good but very busy path. There is a 4G tower on the site so took the iPad to spot and log. Open summit so take cover if heading in the full heat.

There are convent posts on the summit for setup. Setup the end fed antenna and pickup a S2S with Geoff ZL3GA on ZL3/CB-55. Continued to work 40m CW to qualified the summit when around 2 dozen walkers reached the summit and my antenna.

I had my antenna high and clear but then then they decided to to talk to me which lead to slight confusion with my final contact (Geoff VK3SQ).  

Comfortably qualified and given the traffic on the summit and as there will be eggs and bacon for breakfast if I get back on time, decided to pull up stumps and head home.

Took the long way home to circumnavigate the crater. Views back to the Grampians were affected by the smoke in the air.

IMG 3086

First summit I have seen where the contour lines have been marked.

Great site. Add to your list if out in Western Victoria easy clear access to summit.


One response to “26122019 – VK3/VS-054”

  1. VK2TWR says :

    thanks for the blog Allen very interesting
    73 happy new Year
    Rod VK2TWR

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