Home Weather v3

The ‘Dashboard’ has received rework to improve existing and display additional information. Yes there are several home weather dashboards out there but by the time you install, register and integrate into existing systems it was more fun to build own. The interface may be blocky but I understand what is going on behind the scenes. This gives me a view […]

Create Georeference PDF files for Avenza’s PDF Maps app

I have been using QGIS to geo-refeence maps in preperation for a new SOTA association. More on that later but the tool is a powerfull one and worthy of closer investigation. Have PDF Maps Android on iPad and Android tablet. This app allows you to navigate using the tables GPS and overlay on a georeference PDF. So the idea is […]


A routine to allow the processing of a ADIF log data matching SOTA summits to WWFF sites. First version ready for use ParksnPeaks – Process ADIF File. Please report any issues. Input ADIF file exported from logging software is the input. I use MacLoggerDX which supports export as a ADIF file. eg:<CALL:6>VK3AFW<NAME:8>Ron COOK<QTH:13>OAKLEIGH, VIC<QSO_DATE:8>20131101<TIME_ON:6>083000<TIME_OFF:6>083000<FREQ_RX:4>7.09<FREQ:4>7.09<BAND:3>40M<BAND_RX:3>40M<MODE:3>SSB<TX_PWR:1>5<ANT_AZ:3>108<RST_SENT:2>59<RST_RCVD:2>59<QSL_VIA:4>Mail<DXCC:3>150<COUNTRY:9>Australia<IOTA:6>OC001<MY_SOTA_REF:10>VK3/VT004<GRIDSQUARE:6>QF22mc<LAT:10>-37.904353<LON:10>145.077124<MY_GRIDSQUARE:6>QF22ah<OPERATOR:6>VK3HRA<MY_RIG:12>Yaesu FT-897<COMMENT:22>Class: Ad, qrzloc:user<EOR> Following ADIF data […]

SOTA Blogs

SOTA Blogs Have updated ParksnPeaks.org to show only active blogs. Active means an update within the last month. Here is my current list of all the blogs that has been feed into ParksnPeaks. Any additions, updates or corrections please let me know.  VK1ATP Paul http://blog.pwarren.id.auVK1DA Andrew http://vk1da.net/blogVK1EM Mark- http://gentoo.psyberhome.net/vk1emVK1FAAS Simon- http://vk1faas.wordpress.comVK1DI Ian http://vk1di.blogspot.com.auVK1NAM Andrew http://vk1nam.wordpress.com VK2DAG Matt- http://vk2dag.com/blogVK2FMIA Doug Andy http://vk2fmia.com/VK2IB Bernard http://vk2ib.wordpress.com/VK2IO Gerard http://vk2io.wordpress.com/VK2QR Rob […]

SMS Spotting through ParksnPeaks

ParksNPeaks supports receiving activity spots via SMS. I have found that SMS messaging will work on a peak where internet access is marginal. This feature has been added this to allow phones that can’t access overseas numbers the ability to spot. The number to send to is 0447 568 667. You key in the spot as a text message using […]