Web DB Server

A Linux LAMP server on a ARM processor (64bit Quad Core @ 1.2GHz) in a Raspberry Pi 3. The stack in this case consists of; Linux-raspi2 (5.3.0-1027-raspi2)(Ubuntu 18.04)Apache/2.4.29 10.1.44-MariaDBPHP 7.2 PHP is used to store then display the data. Apache for the heavy lifting. API The REST API is in a simple single PHP file. This is the interface to interact […]


Ended up with two gateway devices. This was due to the devices occasionally hanging. A lot of time and debug code was used chasing why they were misbehaving. They just seam to go deaf. The main loop would check if a packet was available then process, …….// else try to parse packetint packetSize = LoRa.parsePacket();if (packetSize) {sendLoRaReceived(packetSize);} so with debug […]

Home Sensors – Software

Surprising how much software is required to support a couple of weather sensors. So the initial list was; Decoding and processing of data transmitted by sensors Gateway device between Lora and Linux DB server Apache PHP API hosted on DB Server Triggers or scheduled jobs in DB Web page for current status Data Storage MySQL Database Rollup / Summarise LoRa […]

Lora Sensors – Hardware

What have I been doing during the coronavirus lockdown, well playing with microcontrollers, This is a continuation of the experiments with Lora devices and have concentrated on developing nodes for measuring basic conditions inside and extended conditions outside. I have ended up with; ASR6501 based internal devices X 2 ESP32 based external Weather station ESP32 based Lora gateway Raspberry Pi 3 […]

Opportunistic Hardware Acquisition

or dumpster diving for computers. I’ve noticed a trend. At the end of university terms the skip bins around student accommodation fill up with fridges, lounges and computers. I’m putting this down to the the high cost for freight and low cost of technology. Its not like I don’t have enough computers. In the shed there is an Apple IIe […]


Internet of things noun   the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. Intend to build a home sensor network based on Arduino and Raspberry devices hosting environmental sensors and home voice activated automation system. Guess this is the Intranet of Things – IoT Late to the story but […]