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Can download and compile however v 1.1.1 (no update for 2 years) and supports current devices (iOS 15 on iPHONE 12 / SE) so, install from repisitory ;

$ sudo apt install usbmuxd libimobiledevice6 libimobiledevice-utils ifuse

Make a directory as a mount point for the device (source) and for the backups (destination)

$ mkdir /mnt/iPhone
$ mkdir /data/shared/iDevices/

Connect your iOS device to your computer. Your device prompts you to trust the computer you’re using to access it. Then mount the device:

$ ifuse /mnt/iPhone

and backup;

idevicebackup2 backup /data/shared/iDevices/
Backup directory is "/data/shared/iDevices/"
Started "" service on port 50797.
Negotiated Protocol Version 2.1
Reading Info.plist from backup.
Starting backup...
Backup will be encrypted.
Requesting backup from device...
Incremental backup mode.
Sending '00008030-001D086114F2402E/Status.plist' (192 Bytes) 
[==================================================] 100% Finished
Sending 'e3b00d2ae3bf9c3287fe7f6ad5b12920539d9c32/Status.plist' (189 Bytes)
Sending 'e3b00d2ae3bf9c3287fe7f6ad5b12920539d9c32/Manifest.plist' (118.7 KB)
Sending 'e3b00d2ae3bf9c3287fe7f6ad5b12920539d9c32/Manifest.db' (101.0 MB)
Received 17427 files from device.
Backup Successful.

once completed unmount the device and away you go.

$ fusermount -u /mnt/iPhone/

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