29092013 – SOTA and KRMNPA Activations


SOTA VK3/VT-026 (Mt Toorongo Range)

SOTA VK3/VC-025 (Mt Dandenong)

KRMNPA Churchill NP 

KRMNPA Dandenong Ranges NP

SOTA VK3/VT-026 (Mt Toorongo Range)


Pic 001

Have not been out this month due to family commitments but had planned to activate Mt Toorongo Range as it appeared to have 2WD access and qualifies for the 3point bonus during winter. The key is Mt Baw Baw tourist road. This is a sealed road with signs access from the freeway. Whilst curvy it is as good a toad as any. However there were obstacles. This was due to the recent wind and just a case of clearing access. Could drive under the log after clearing debris on the road. You need to keep your eyes open for the turn off to Link road. Link road up is dirt but again excellent condition and suitable for 2WD access.

Actual 29092013

Drive down Link road for 20 mites then turn into Mt Toorongo Rd. I parked the car at the intersection of Mt Tooronga Rd and Mundic road. Mundic road becomes the major road at this intersection. Mt Toorongo Rd does continue up and is good quality however there is a gate 800m up the track which would present challenges to turn around and there is only 1.2 K to walk so in in opinion not worth the hassel.  This easy access put me 2hrs ahead of schedule, actually first time I have been early for an activation.

Pic 002

It is a good walk with the final 200m cross bush to the summit. There was a bit of wind around. Setup the end fed as a ‘L’ as the bush was creating challenges with the squid pole wight he being able to secure in the wind. S2S contacts with VK2WU on VK3/VE-002 (Mt Feathertop), VK3YY & VK3ZPF on VK3/VT-006 (Mt Staint Phillack) and VK3PF on VK3/VT-046 (Mt Tassie)

MtTooronga log

Moved on as wanted to pickup a couple of NP’s and Mt Dandenong on the way home.  


VK3/VC-025 (Mt Dandenong) and KRMNPA Churchill NP .

Picked up Churchill NP on the way to Mt Dandenong. Could hear SOTA activations but was not getting a response. Worked VK3EJ to qualify the park and moved on to Mt Dandenong hoping to gain SOTA S2S.


KRMNPA Dandenong Ranges NP

Qualified Dandenong Ranges NP during Mt Dandenong activation. Have to be careful here as to ensure in the NP and within the 25m for SOTA. Setup at 615m just below Observation Rd. Both the the sign on site and the map on my GPS show this as within the NP and at 615M was within the activation zone as Mt Dandenong is listed at 630m. Also you need to ensure you have $5 in change to pay to get in.


You can see from the tracks It took a little bit to find a spot away from the crowds.  Made the required contacts with ease including VK3ARR on 1 watt and VK5PAS in the  Mylor CP.

MtDandenong Log

Hung around as was a comfortable spot and ended up making 2 SOTA S2S contacts with VK3MCD on Flinders Peak and then just as I had pulled the squid pole down the Goat bleated to bring my attention to VK1DI on Mt Gillamatong. Up went the antenna, contact completed so now time to go home.

Straight forward operation. Access to Mt Dandenong costs $5 a car. Parking was a issue as the place was busy with tourists. Next time will park on Ridge Rd near Ridge Crt and walk in from the exit as close to the activation zone.