25052014 – VK3/VN-028, VK3/VN-015 and VK3/VC-014

VK3/VN-028 (Mt Piper)

VK3/VN-015 (Mt Hickey)

VK3/VC-014 (Mt Disappointment) – VKFF-264 and KRMNPA

APRS – Limited.

After being away for three weeks I went out to pick up a couple of summits as this would be the first month since SOTA launched that I have not been out. Two I have done before and one that I had missed. 

APRS 25052014

VK3/VN-028 (Mt Piper)

This was a summit I had not activated before. Easy access. 900m walk from the car park to the summit.

I came from Kilmore down the Broadford-Kilmore Rd turning right into Jeffreys Lane before turning left into Mount Piper.

Nice clean summit with a trig point to strap the antenna to. No S2S.  Lots of chasers so a quick activation.



View from Mt Piper to Mt Hickey. The fog was hanging around Mt Hickey.

VK3/VN-015 (Mt Hickey)

I forgot how noisy Mt Hickey is. Had S7 -S8 noise. Was not able to work a SOTA station for S2S has could not hear through the noise.

Able to work VK2AFA/p on VK2/NW-026 which was the only S2S for the day.

VN 015 results

Access from freeway using Ennis Rd. I don’t use Mountain track but go further down and up Mt Hickey Rd. There are coms towers on the peak hence the noise. Park the car off the tracks as motor bikes come through. Have to go for a walk to ensure access is as per the rules. 


Summit covered in fog. High noise level. Once qualified happy to pack up and head to Mt Disappointment.

VK3/VC-014 (Mt Disappointment)  

VKFF-264 KRMNPA – Kinglake National Park

Turn off the highway into Epping-Kilmore Rd. Turn left into South mountain road and follow. South Mountain turns into Mountain road. Mountain road becomes dirt and joins Mt Disappointment rd. Parked the car at Blair’s Hut picnic area and took the track for the final 1.5Km. The walk is quite nice through the undergrowth. Got onsite towards the end of the day but enough time to work all comers.


If you follow the track up to the summit from the picnic area and keep walking you will come to a fenced area. This is where the state forrest becomes National park. Keep walking as there is a table within the zone. By setting up here you can be in the NP park and SOTA activation zone with luxury conditions to operate from. 

VK3 VC 014 results

Went to 14.280 and made several calls after sending a spot. Could hear other stations but no response to my calls.

Walked out just on dark to finish the day on a good note having bagged all my intended summits.





Blair’s Hut picnic area