MTR v2 Build

Building MTR V2 SN 364

This is my first build of a SMD based kit. Decided to purchase a rework station and use solder paste for the build.Practiced with the rework station on a SMD kit from eBay. Once a few minor points were ironed out this proved to be a effective method to build.


SMD settings – 350, medium nozzle and solder paste.  Once confidence was up started with the resistors Friday night,

Build 001

With successful effort last night I launched into the build today. The SMD components were not as challenging as expected. Using less solder gave great results. I still did have a few bridges that were corrected.

The build has stopped for today as it appears I have a incorrect part.  U6 which is a 3.3v regulator (TC1014-3.3V). The required component should have 5 pins and marked A5XX. The device supplied has 8BCJ on it and has 3 pins.The carrier was marked blue as described in the instruction. I’ve no pieces left and can’t see any instances of 5 pin devices where 3 pin device should be.

This is the 3.3V regulator (579-TC1014-3.3VCT713) so essential. Steve has gone for a trek so will replace myself. Can source from Mouser for .49 but also want a $39 freight charge. Has to be a local supplier of components so have some Googling to do.

Notes on U6

U6 Part

Sent a couple of emails into the local MTR group and AT_Sprint groups hoping it can be pointed out to me that this is a replacement part (3 pins -> 5 pins ??)  or that I have put the wrong part on the board (checked several time with no joy) else will have to wait unit I have sourced a replacement component.  

Very happy with progress and will have time to triple check connections,wind the toroids, clean the board and install the BNC connector.

I like the idea of using thicker wire for the toroids as raised by David VK3IL for efficiency and strenght so will sourcing some suitable wire. 

Anyway was hoping to have the device ready for the long weekends planned activations but not at this rate. 

View of Frount of board

VK3HRA Frount

View from Back of board