26072014 – VK3/VE-019

VK3/VE-019 The Hump

  • KRMNPA in Mount Buffalo NP
  • WWFF ID – VKFF-339

Another day in the Apline areas. This time in the Mt Buffalo National Park. Friend Rajesh and his son came with me . Rajesh has an interest in photography and keen on gaining some landscapes. The fog was gong to make this a challenge. Apparently the fog brings colours that add to the end result. I was hoping the fog would lift to allow for views. Overall the weather was excellent. Temperature didn’t get below 2.5C, slight rain with snow above 1200m.

By now I have gained the clothing for snow walking. Still hiring snow shoes and this time picked up some ‘3D’ units. 


It was heavy going even with snow shoes. It took us 2:30hrs to walk in, activate and walk out covering just over 2Km.

GPS log 27072014

Activated ‘The Hump’ first. This was a good walk through the snow. Once on The Hump we did experience a short burst of wind and rain whilst setting up but that passed. Followed the track from last trip but the amount of snow required slight changes. Used the mini squid pole and just pushed the wire winder into the snow.  40m  was excellent. The antenna is still a 20m End fed piece of Unicorn wire and in this setup, less that 2m off the ground.  Once finished with The Hump we set off to get to The Horn. The fog was reducing opportunities for photos but there were moments,


Drove to the car-park and setoff from there. As the day went on and we got higher the fog settled in reducing visibility. Snow falling above 1200m.


As we walked down the road we passed a group of skiers where one in the group had sprained a ankle. They were getting her out ok but this did re-enforce the need to be carefull. Its a nice walk. Clear access along the road but still heavy going. Keeping a eye on the conditions and time we quickly worked out that would not make it to the summit. We only had 1:30hrs of daylight and still had to climb the final steep path to the Horn from the viewing area. Decided to turn back to ensure we would make it back to the car in daylight. Whilst the road that you walk up is quite open and you could walk down in the dark with torches. The climb to the Hump demonstrated that even with known tracks, the snow added complications and combined with degrading visibility could prove ‘interesting’.

Got one so left  VK3/VE-014 ‘The Horn’ another day.

I have lost my glasses on the walk so keep your eyes out if going that way for a nice pair of sunnies.

Another good day in the hills. There is a lot of snow around. The weather is improving.  Need longer days now…