28092004 – VK3/VE-132, VK3/VE-203 and VK3/VN-004

VK3/VE-132 (Mt Strathbogie)

VK3/VE-203 (VK3/VE-203)

VK3/VN-004 (Bill Head)

Show and Tell Day

APRS – Entire trip,



VK3/VE-132 (Mt Strathbogie)

New summit. Access to Mt Strathbogie is from the Midland Highway turning left onto Johnstons Road, then left into Ferraris Rd & Ferraris track finally parking at the corner of Harpers No 3. No point going any further. Steep with spoon drains and a lot of motor bike activity. Best to get the car out of the way. Quick 1K to walk to a good clearing.


Another CW activation with MTR. Getting better with CW. Thanks Ron VK3AFW and Tony VK3CAT. Who would have thought months of practice would pay off !

S2S with VK3KS on VK3/VU-002 (Mt Wombat) and dragged out the FT817 for VK5NHG/P on VK5/NE-104 (Karkala Ridge).

VK3/VE-203 (VK3/VE-203)

Could not resist picking this one up. It is on the way out from Mt Strathbogie. Turn right off Ferraris Rd into ‘D8′ track and park car. Not sure if name of track or recommended device to drive up with. The track is very steep, you won’t get a car up the track but a easy walk.


S2S with VK2CU/P on VK2/NT-004 (Ben Lomond) with 26 good strong contacts in 20 min at the end of the day. 

VK3 VE 203

Moved on to  Kendall’s B Camp where Warren (VK3KS) had setup where we camped the night. Camp site full as school holidays.


Setup just past the main camp site near the hydro power station. Andrew (VK3JBL) and David (VK3IL) turned up in the morning and we played radio.



We had three MTR’s, an ATS, and a HB1B. The different CW options devices including Pal Pico, Mini and single paddle as well as two American Morse keys. The HB1B as the Palm Pico on the left with the Palm Mini on the right. There is also a home brew touch paddle and code oscillator. Not shown above but present was a heavily enhanced KN-Q7A, two FT817’s and a 23cm transverter. After spending a couple of hours in brilliant sunny day it was time to pickup and go activating. Warren (VK3KS) went to Mt Procter (VK3/VN-019), Andrew (VK3JBL) tackled the walk up to Mt Torbreck (VK3/VN-001) whist David (VK3IL) and Allen (VK3HRA) went to Bill’s Head (VK3/VN-004) then to Pyramid Hill (VK3/VN-005). 

VK3/VN-004 (Bill Head)

Dual activation with David VK3IL. We drove down Snobs creek road then around Conns track until it was decided that the track was heading away. Park cars and time to walk. There was a lot of fallen timber. Avoided the blackberries. Once up on the top of the ridge line the walk was quite clear. Decided to go down a steep descent to the road and follow it around on return trip.


MTR on Bill Head,


I worked CW whilst David worked SSB. We were too close so causing too much interference. Once I qualified the summit left David to work the pile up. He ended up with 28 contacts.

I secured S2S with VK3KS/P on VK3/VN-019 (Mt Proctor) and VK3JBL/P on VK3/VN-001 (Mt Torbreck). Well actually several contacts with Andrew on VK3/VN-001 on the way using 2m as he was just around the corner.  I’m claiming the CW contact for S2S.


Once complete we setoff to Pyramid Hill (VK3/VN-005). Down Snobs creek road and turning up No 5 road. You can drive to 900m of the summit before hitting a gate. Park the car there and get out for a steep quick walk.

I had already picked up this summit this year but still went for the walk. David activated Pyramid Hill using 40m SSB and his HF loop. The loop received solid signals reports as the day was closing.

HFLoopAcivate copy

Great day out. Good company and lots of gear to look at. Will do this again but not school holidays or grand final weekend. 

Currently Total Score = 949 (874 points + 75 Bonus Points). So close to Mountain Goat…..