Proposed Nov 2014

14th – 17th November – KRMNPA weekend

15th November is proposed SOTA Mass activation day.

Intend to camp in the Alpine National Intend on the weekend of 15th November 2014 with Rod VK2TWR.


The Cobberas area is in the East Alps Unit of the Alpine National Park, which is in the remote north-east of Victoria adjacent to the Snowy River National Park. The Cobberas Range itself is just south of the NSW border.


This this the furthest I have travelled for SOTA. Will be travelling up Friday the14th picking up National parks on the way and again working through parks on the return trip Monday 17th.

KRMNPA National parks;

Snowy River NP
Mitchell River NP
Morwell NP
Tarra-Bulga NP

SOTA Summits;

Mt Cobberas Number 1
Mt Cobberas Number 2
Rams Head Range
Blue Hill


Saturday 15 November 2014 as the VK SOTA Party mass activation day.

My maps show a track to Mt Cobberas Number 1 summit. It appears this track will be marked.

Plan to be on that one before sunset on Saturday for the DX effort as will have a track to walk back down in dark on.


Camp at Native Dog Flat – Latitude: -36°53’47.4″ Longitude: 148°5’22.2”. The camp includes a toilet, water from the Buchan River and plenty of open space.




3 thoughts on “Proposed Nov 2014

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      Hi Allen we are looking forward to the this weekend just a month to go Cheers Rod

      • Author gravatar

        Yes Looking forward to this trip.
        Intent to qualify all summits to obtain Goat Status !!
        Hoping one or two additional players to support S2S and well as complete scoring as don’t expect this group to be activated regularly.


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          Hi Allen its a shame we don’t get Goat status together
          as I will have mine tomorrow i have been pushed very hard to go out regularly with Rob 2QR and that has bought me up quicker than i thought

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