VK3/VC-034 and VK3/VC-014

Activated VK3/VC-014 Mt Disappointment and VK3/VC-034 – Pretty Sally 3rd March 2013.

APRS Yes. Dipole Yes. Seasonal activation N/A

KRMNPA – Kinglake NP. 

APRS shows the relationship between these two summits. 

VK3/VC-034 was activated on the way home. You can also see where I missed the turn on the way to VK3/VC-014 and wasted 20min.

APRS 001

VK3/VC-014 Mt Disappointment 

VK3PF suggested following Mt Disappointment Rd. Can drive to activation zone but VK3ZPF put me onto Blairs Hut and the ‘Summit track’. 

The track is overgrown but still easy to follow. Actually on a hot day there would be a lot of protection form the sun. Tho other option is to drive up and go bush through the scrub . Personally think better to part at Blairs hut and take track. there are tables, BBQ pits and toilets. 

100 7227

100 7229




















GPS log. Limits to the resolution here as base map is 1:250K in MACGPSPro. The GPS is a eTrex Legend with open source maps transferred via GPSMapper.  In SOTA activation zone and in KingLake NP by a good metre !

Map 001

KRMNPA – Kinglake NP

KingLake NP is just off the summit. Follow ‘Summit track’ up. Good walk. Sign says 1.2Km but GPS measured 800m to summit. Once on top go past the summit and through the fence into Kinglake National Park. 

100 7226

Setup the squid pole on one of the posts 1m in the park. Exposed position. Low noise but a quite day. The majority of contacts were S2S,


VK3/VC-034 – Pretty Sally

PArked car off the road on Beauview Drive and walked down road looking for a shady spot to setup. The summit is on private land but the road measures in at 509m for the 525m summit. Setup dipole along the fence line. No real response from Melbourne other that VK3MRG at Flinders Peak. Good signals into VK2 and VK1. Not the best spot as setup between road and fence. get contacts and go home.

100 7230


Overall a good day out.