26012015 – KRMNPA


(VKFF-361) Mount Richmond National Park

(VKFF-296) Lower Glenelg National Park

Cobboboonee National Park.

Three parks in the states south west. We spent At the Australia day weekend at Peterbrough. 

Decided to pick up the parks on the Monday so could use AX callsign.

Headed for Portland and did a loop to head home via Hamilton. 


Took kayak so no 2M in the car.


Lower Glenelg is down the highway. Well signed so can’t miss. There is a point on Ink Pot Road where Lower Glenelg National Park and Cobboboonee National Park meet. I took Kentbruck Road through Lower Glenelg to gain access to Inkpot Road. Cobboboonee National Park does not WWFF ID. Also you need to ensure you are in the Cobboboonee National Park as the bulk of the area appears to be Cobboboonee State Forest. 


I didn’t get enough contacts to qualify for WWFF but did qualify all for KRMNPA. It takes a while to get the 43 contacts required for WWFF and it was late in the day anyway.  

Log 26 12015