06112017 – VK3/VT-034

06112017 – VK3/VT-034

Intention was to activate two summits. VK3/VT-062 and VK3/VT-034 however this was not to be.

The original plan was for VK3/VT-034 and VK3/VE-016 Mt Useful. Mt Baw Baw area is on the edge of reasonable driving for a day activation (Mt Erica with VK3YY).Was going over the maps and noticed VK3/VT-062. I am allways looking for new summits to activate.  This summit has only been activated once by Peter VK3PF and I had a contact from his activation. Good access and as always keen to secure a complete saw Mt Useful dropped and replaced with VK3/VE-062.


Parked at WalhallaRd and Low Saddle Road just before the bridge over Aberfeldy River. Good area off road.

The track is open and clear. Given the weather was degrading such a track is welcome. The walk is steep as up hill right from the work go;



So off I went following the track on a grey day. up up up.. rain .. down .. up down then a river came into  view.  This did not feel right. The GPS confirmed I was off the proposed route.  Pulled out the map from pack and had a look to discover the track as planned did not match the track on the ground. It had been re defined. It is not unusual to find tracks such as this in the bush. The original went along the ridge line. Have come across several instances where a new track was cut (Mt Emu) to give better fire access.  The new track will follow the existing one then cut around the summits avoiding the tops to rejoin on the other side. Once done the previous track is covered up to discourage use. Normally you will walk on the new part as it avoids a steep climd. The Garmoin maps that my GPS and printed maps are based on do not show such changes. 

This track was not heading up to the summit and I was facing a water crossing. This was not what I was expecting.

There is a creek marked on the map marked as ‘intermittent’. I saw campers on the other side on the way down also two 4WDs were coming down behind me. There was nothing to indicate a 4WD had crossed the river here recently. The water was moving and deep, this was not an intermittent creek. The 4WDs decided not to proceed and to turn back.

Simple country lad and does not cross rivers when he doesn’t have to. Anyway this was not relvent as I had strayed off the track.  Looking at the ridges on the map I did not believe this track was heading back to the summit. Ok head back up and find the old track.

The 4WDers offered me a lift back to my car but I declined and headed back up to the top looking for the original track. Once back up to the original track I went bush along the ridge line. There were trees and other obstacles across the old route but still clear as to direction. It was another 1.5K or so to go to the summit equivalent to what I had just covered to look at a river. Given the rain was back I decided to abandon the walk out to VK3/VT-062 then back so headed back to the car and proceed to VK3/VT-034. VK3/VT-062 will be addressed at a later time.


Peter VK3PF has more information as to desirable access – https://vk3pf.wordpress.com/page/6/

06112017 – VK3/VT-034

Access to VK3/VT-034 is via good 2WD roads. Down Springs Road then turn into Williamson Spur. There is a track heading up to the summit from intersection of Army Track and Williamson Spur trk. It was raining and the track wet so did not push my luck by driving into the summit so parked and headed up to the summit. Walked in circles for a while before setting up the dipole as trying to avoid the burnt timber. Again wet. Seems to be only able to activate in the wet these days. Qualified on CW then worked Paul and Marija in VKFF-0758 




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