21012018 – VK3/VT-062

21012018 – VK3/VT-062

I had previously attempted this summit last November.

Not a big walk but lack of attention to what was going on resulted in me taking the wrong track and wasting time and energy. Was not going to happen this time.


After a couple of ruling K’s on a open track you arrive at the point where the track heads down to the river. We want to follow the old track. This is the track header. It is a typical case of the original track being closed and  The Forests Department (what ever they call themselves today) is trying to regenerate so you have to stay sharp. Still easier that raw bush bashing.

I have seen this hexagonal / beehive formation in rocks previously the way to Mt Erica and in the Grampians National Park.


A google search attributes larger formations of this shape to giants fighting. Scientists have a different take and they say that these shapes are a result of a cooling lava. Volcanic eruptions causeing lava to ooze out of the earth slowly then the cooling and contracting of the lava formed this shape, either way cool rocks.

The final push through scrub to the AZ to setup across ‘track’.  Setup dipole NS as per normal to maximise VK1,2 & 5 contacts. Conditions were not in my favour as took half an hour to secure the summit. I was happy to receive the contacts I did. In this case the NULL was pointing to Peter VK3PF and we failed to secure contact despite the short distance. 


 Here I am heading back on the relaimed track. Summit qualified and weather holding. 


 Anyway another complete secured. This one is a lot of effort for the points. The track is heavy rise and fall. Navigation off track is clear enough but will only decline as the forest reclaims its own.  

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