23092018 – VK3/VS-004

VK3/VS-004 (Mt Langi Ghiran)

WWFF Langi Ghiran State Park (VKFF-0760).

Quick activation to pick a S2S from VK3BYD Warren who was out in the Grampians. Given the distances 80m was the band.  Mt Langi Ghiran is essentially a rocky ridge with summit at the top. It has enough room for an 80m antenna but you have to be careful weaving through the trees and watching the rocks as you climb around. Usied the 7m Tactical 7000hds compact pole for height reducing the distance across. This pole fits inside in pack leaving my hands free and allows for scrub negotiation essential for the hike in.

Once antenna up I turned on the KX and Peter VK3ZPF was on channel. Worked him then went to CW for S2S with Warren and eventually 40m to keep the regular CW chasers happy.

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      Hi ! Are you aware of any Spot to aprs gates that are still active ?

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      Dear Allen, I worked with VK9ARH this past Sunday. Not sure if that is your alternate call. I tried to put in QRZ.COM log but the info (for VK9ARH) looks incomplete. Also I will love to send QSL card, too. Thank you very much.
      Jason (HS0DJU)

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