12012019 – VKFF-2233

12012019 – (VKFF-2233) Winter Swamp Nature Conservation Reserve

Working through local parks . This one is in Ballarat itself.


The KMZ file (VKFF-2233) shows the site clearly. Access from the north is more challanging than expected. The Skipton Rail trail is of no value.

There is a gate and walking track from Blink Creek Road which is off the new bypass. The gate is locked but does allow for people access. It was hot so I was looking to operate as close to the car as possible if not from the car so decided to try from Lucas Lane.


Lucas Lane is off Remembrance Drive. Down the service road and in behind the caravan park. This brings you to a car park within the boundary of the park. The sign has been vandalised but position clear.

Operated from the car hiding from the heat. Using FT891 into vertical. Rewarded with 4 CW contacts with the highlight being VK3WRL on CW from VK3/VG-011 in VKFF-0619. Two Park to Park contacts with VK4HNS at VKFF-0065 and VK6MB in VKFF-0164.

Nice clean activation on a hot day.

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