28122019 – VK3/VC-039

VK3/VC-039 – Mount Gisborne

Mount Gisborne is a new addition to VK3. Its close to home being an hour drive so I decided to get it this year.

Had a window to get out. Intention was to be out, qualify and get back in time to see daughter off and before the heat rolls in. 

IMG 3105

Park at the second gate n the left along Woodland drive which is gated access to Mt Gisborne Nature Reserve. There is no parking just the side of the road.

Follow the track up. It a 10 min walk to the summit which is a great clearing. Yes space for a 160m antenna and a helicopter.

IMG 3103

First contact was with ZL1SKL and VK2GP onZL1/WK-158 using 20m SSB. It was a 52 transaction but no issues with the contact as quiet band. 40m was rocking. Easy 599 CW contact with VK3PF then VK3ANL,VK7EE and VK3BYD to finish off with a 2m contact with VK3YE. Called it a day and headed back as still running to a tight schedule. 

Straight forward summit. Parking could be an issue but access is easy so carrying a heap of gear is not an issue.

Will be added to the list to activated each year as close and clear. 

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