Proposed activations for Sunday 19th May 2013

Proposed activations for Sunday 19th May 2013

Have got high level maps to review and all summits have been previously activated so there will be information on activators blogs.


Previous activations,

01/Apr/2013 VK3YY
22/Mar/2013 VK3WAM/P
17/Mar/2013 VK3ATB
17/Mar/2013 VK3KAB

VK3YY Glenn’s blog – reported access to the summit however VK3KAN Rik reported on 05052013 that access to Mt Vinegar closed from both ends so back to the walking in plan. The track is still accessible just locked. Rik covered the distance in a hour so will plan for same.

Mt Vinegar

Somers Park to MT VINEGAR Total Distance: 3.8 km

VK3/VN-017 (Mt Dom Dom)

Previous Activations

23/Mar/2013 VK3WAM/P
05/May/2013 VK3KAN/P

Access from Maroondah Highway. Can drive until least point 813382 on what is marked as a 4wd track but is apparently a narrow but good 2wd track.

Once car parked head up the hill.

Mt Dom Dom

B360 Maroondah Highway to MT DOM DOM. Total Distance: 3.0 km

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