Proposed Activations – 2020

Proposed Activations – 2020

COVID restrictions have placed SOTA and WWFF activations in question. I live in the country so spared the worst of it however have been limited as to where and how far I can travel.

Currently the Level 3 restrictions have been lifted. Still have constraints as to visiting people but no longer have to justify leaving home or being concerned as to explaining why I’m hours from home. Most of the National Parks are still closed due to fire damage, however the other WWFF sites (regional parks, reserves and ) are available.

So after a very quiet period, it’s time to start planning activations. There are not a lot of new SOTA sites available as I have worked them to death. Typically I have to travel for hours into North East for new sites. Whilst I do enjoy the weekends camping and accessing remote locations, will be seeking activities closer to home.

Opportunities exist for Parks (WWFF, KRMNPA and VKFF) activations.

Currently park activations are claimed when activating a SOTA within WWFF site or as a drive through from the car on the way there or back. As a result already have the equipment just have to change the activation mindset. Having recently got involved with WICEN, the desire is to improve my park activation skills with a view to supplement WICEN skills.

SOTA activations usually involve a walk in component to access the activation zone, only require minimal contacts (4+), allways portable, QRP and with compromised antenna. I have developed CW skills to a level to gain contacts under these conditions. WWFF activations require more contacts (10+ VKFF and 44 WWFF), can be conducted close to the car allowing for more powerful (heavier) equipment to be deployed.

The WICEN practices are looking for disciplined log keeping, a level of reslisance and ability to support broader protocols to ensure messages get through under compromised conditions.

As a result will be pursuing parks in the area with a view to deploy better antenna and integrate additional modes whilst remote.

KRMNPA – Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award 2020

COVID restrictions have placed the annual KRMNPA weekend into question. As it stands today the activity is cancelled however expecting some activity as restrictions are lifted.

I still have 12 KRMNPA sites to activate.

Outstanding KRMNPA sites

Can break the list into two categories being those to the east and those to the north.

The North has been neglected as no SOTA sites past Horsham.

The East will be addressed once COVID restrictions lifted. Some of the sites require deeper planning (French Island & Wilsons Promontory)

Under current restrictions I can go out and pick-up these sites to the north without too many issues.

Current plan is to head north for the weekend of 8th & 9th and pick up 5 National Parks (Little Desert (VKFF-0291), Wyperfeld (VKFF-0549), Gunbower (VKFF-0740), Barmah (VKFF-0739) finally Terrick Terrick (VKFF-0630), One SOTA summit (VK3/VW-022) and depending time, some WWFF sites.