01012021 – New Year’s Eve Activations

01012021 – New Year’s Eve Activations

01012021 – New Year’s Eve Activations

No staying up late watching fireworks for SOTA activates on New Years Eve. Get to bed early has have a big days ahead,

Int activation with Andrew VK3ARR. We have history of NYE activations. The plan is always is to position ourselves for maximum points in a remote summit. All the high scoring summits are remote to us as Andrew is from Geelong and I’m from Ballarat so have to travel 2hrs to find any summits > 6 points.  Mt Buffalo would provide such opportunities but requires a 4:30 start….

PANO 20210101 102249

VK3/VE-014 The Horn in WWFF Mount Buffalo National Park (VKFF-0339)

Early start and meet Andrew on the ring road where we left my car taking a single car out. Easy but long drive up the highway heading north. Given UTC is 11:00 here we have time but it still takes time to be ready to activate pre UTC. The Horn is a good site. The summit is tight and you have to consider this when selecting antenna. Took the trapped ended and rad around the edge and also ran up a 2m J pole.

We were on time and the traffic to summit was light but got heavier as the morning went on.

S2S galore pre and post UTC, This what what we were here for as well as for the double points for the activation as we welcomed in the new year,

  • VK3CAT VK3/VN-012 Mt Mitchell
  • VK3ANL VK3/VN-015 Mt Hickey
  • VK2VRO VK3/VC-002 Mt Donna Buang
  • VK1AD/P VK1/AC-039 Yellow Rabbit Hill
  • VK3AFW VK3/VE-033 Mt Number 3
  • VK3KR VK3/VC-032
  • VK5PAS/P VK5/SE-016 Black Bullock Hill
  • VK5MAZ/P VK5/SE-016Black Bullock Hill
  • VK2IO VK2/HU-093Mt Elliot
  • VK3BCM VK3/VC-038 Archer Lookout
  • VK3PF VK3/VE-189 Mt Baranduda
  • VK1MA VK1/AC-008 Mt Ginini
  • VK5HAA VK5/SE-005 Mt Lofty

Could see the cars steadily increasing so it was time to pack up and back track to activate the Hump pn the way out.

VK3/VE-019 The Hump in WWFF Mount Buffalo National Park (VKFF-0339)

This is a popular site for SOTA activators and walkers alike. Easy access with carpark at the abseils and a short walk (up!) Took the wrong antenna for HF. The summit is tight and with the amount of other walkers running the antenna up along the ridge proved more trouble than anticipated. No issues, qualified the summit with 2M (thanks Matt) and moved on for Mt Porepunkah.

  • S2S with VK1MA Matt on VK3AC-008 Mt Ginini.

VK3/VE-098 Mt Porepunkah

After taking the wrong turn we eventually made it to the summit. You can’t actually take the wring turn as it a loop but we managed to find the longest way. Andrews car had no issues with the road to VK3/VE-098.

S2S with;

  • VK3BCM Brian on VK3/VN-030 Mt Strickland
  • VK3HN/P Paul on VK3/VC-018 Mt Buninyong

So gained 36 activator points and 27 S2S contacts, a worthy venture.

Long drive home on the highway. There was a lot of traffic as victorians were heading home ahead of the pending COVID restrictions as a result we didn’t stop anywhere (other that petrol in Euroa).