10012021 – VK3/VN-016 & VK3/VN-023

10012021 – VK3/VN-016 & VK3/VN-023

Couple of local summits. Activating in the good weather. This was the second attempt at these summits as the harmonic balanced separated from the crankshaft  the week before whilst driving up. No damage as pulled over in Castlemaine and Russell (my brother in-law) was able to retrieve a replacement unit from spare Subie and come up so was able to drive home that night.

Harmoinic Balancer

Anyway, yes Subie is showing her age but have not found a sutiable replacement unit as yet. Don’t want another petrol only car and the Subaru hybrids are disappointing at least. No better performance that our existing 10y old Prius as far as economy, reduced clearance and no manual / low drive option. Hard to part with 65K for a Kona Electric when 46K will buy a Hybrid Subaru but again I’ll keep maintaining the current car until a better option is available. 

VK3/VN-016 Mt Alexander in WWFF Mount Alexander Regional Park (VKFF-0973)

View to VN-016 from VN-023

VK3/VN-016 Activation Zone

This is another site with easy access (road through activation zone) and a large activation zone. Checked the zone as wanted to setup away from the towers. Checked against the watch and then got another two heights using GPS and radio;

GPS's on VK3/VN-016

The GPS was the most accurate and I well and truly in the zone, just playing with toys.

Setup the long endfed and used KX3. The internal tuner allows all band but didn’t need to go to 80. Qualified the summit on CW before chasing SSB contact to secure the park for VKFF (10+ contacts) not hanging around got the 44 required for WWFF. Will get there eventually as this is a local site.

VK3/VN-023 Mt Tarrengower

Loop back through Maldon to pickup Mt Tarrengower.

SOTA summit with great access. Drive up again. Have to keep eyes put for the bikes but plenty of room on the summit for all. Used the MTR and trapped end fed as testing for upcoming Hotham activations.

IMG 3634

Secured contact with JA5QJX. This is over 8000 Kms with the MTR and trapped ended. Took a couple of attempts as signal erratic but once I got a full run able to verify callsign and secured contact with a 319 each way. 

Accidentally or carelessly ? left the squid pole on site. Mind you it was rebuilt from several broken units but still a functional unit.Wont be driving up to see if still there however if your in the area check the corner of the Telstra compound.

Once qualified I went up to the fire tower to get some photos. The spotter was quiet so he invited me up to view from the higher platform. As soon as I got up to the top the pager went off so stayed out of his hair, grabbed a couple of photos and headed home.

View back to VK3/VC-007 Mt Macedon;

view to Mt Macedon

View back to VK3/VC-019 Mt Warrenheip with VK3/VC-020 Forest Hill & VK3/VC-021Mt Kooroocheang in the foreground;

view to Mt Warrienheap