KRMNPA Weekend 10/11th April 2021

KRMNPA Weekend 10/11th April 2021

The annual KRMNPA activation weekend is designed to encourage portable activities in Victoria’s 45 National Parks. 2020 KRMNPA weekend (7&8 Nov) was cancelled due to presence of COVID. Between Park closures and COVID restrictions the majority of activators were not able to get out in November, so it was rescheduled to April 2021. Postponing turned out to be the right decision this year. It was rescheduled to weekend of 10/11 April 2021. and we had a full weekend of activations in VK3 with many interstate with WWFF activations joining the P2P frenzy.

Normally held in Spring, this time in Autumn bringing the wetter / colder weather. I headed North from home to pick up three parks that are in a area of the state with no SOTA peaks so have not been out there. Also in a position to visit my parents who are in NSW. Also due to COVID restrictions visits across the boarder were limited in 2020.

First stop was a slight deviation to recover squid pole left on SOTA activation. I had left the squid pole strapped to support on site. Held little hope as to it still being there however;

Squid Pole left on VK3/VN-023 since Jan 10th

there it was. No damage and still with the strap. Now that’s a win ! This is a 7m heavy duty Haverford unit so whilst scratched and banged a bit, still functional and was missed during its absence. Grabbed it and back on the road as parks to activate. From Maldon I headed NE to Terrick Terrick.

3NP-030 Terrick Terrick National Park (VKFF-0630)

Terrick Terrick NP is above Bendigo. It has a dirt road running through the middle. Setup just off to the right once in the park. These parks are quite open and have several options for antenna. Whilst the rest of the state was getting hammered with wind and rain, it was calm and dry here. 40 worked and jumped to 20m for a P2P. Once worked all callers, continued north to Gunbower National Park. Was on a schedule as wanted to be at Parents 6ish to go out for tea.

3NP-030 Terrick Terrick National Park (VKFF-0630)

NP3-018 Gunbower National Park (VKFF-0740)

Heading down the Murry Valley Highway I turned left at Gunbower following the sign to the national park. Again open spaces ideal for the end fed. 11 40m contacts for 5 P2P. Finished up and headed towards Berrigan.

NP3-018 Gunbower National Park (VKFF-0740)

Heading up to Berrigan to stay the night. Passed VK3PF on the road. Staying ahead of the weather as still dry.

Woke up and after coffee headed back into VIC to complete my quest.

3NP-003 Barmah National Park (VKFF-0739). Crossed back into Vic at Cobram. You still need a permit even if green to green. There were signs but no checking at the boarder. Followed the signs from Barmah to setup again in the park in a clear area. 40m was under preforming and secured 12 contacts for 10 P2P before callers dried up.

3NP-003 Barmah National Park (VKFF-0739)

WWFF Hepburn Regional Park (VKFF-0968) – 6 contacts 6 P2P including VK0PD in VKFF-0571

THis was an oppurtunistic activation. Not a KRMNPA site but Paul VK0PD (VK2PAD) is currently at Casey Station, Antarctica, which is a WWFF site, VKFF-0571. Saw the spots going through and could hear from the car whilst mobile and Paul (VK0PD) was giving space for portable operators to call so decided to pull into Hepburn Regional parks to gain a S2S. Ended up with 6 S2S before heading home.

2021 KRMNPA Status.

45 Parks in total. All chased and Five to activate;

Picked up Tarra-Bulga National Park (20032021).

National ParkActivatedChased   
French Island 1/7/12VKFF-06223NP-014Day trip. Access via ferry –
Organ Pipes 03-19-2012VKFF-06273NP-035Near Melton. Pickup before November
The Lakes 11-18-2012VKFF-04843NP-041On way to Hotham 2021
Wilsons Promontory 04-21-2012VKFF-05393NP-043Big day. Plan with Tarra-Bulga
Wyperfeld 11-16-2012VKFF-05493NP-044Single trip North

Will pickup Wyperfield and Organ Pipes as separate trips. Will have to plan access for French Island.