20032021 – VT-046 & 3NP-039

20032021 – VT-046 & 3NP-039

Spent the weekend In Tarra Bulga NP as a apart of WICEN who were supporting the Duncans Run 2021 event. This was the first event WICEN VIC has run since COVID. Keen to get involved and see what and how they operated.

I was positioned on a check point on the edge of the Tarra Bulga National Park. We were there to log the competitors so setting up a station to activate the park was not going to happen. Did take advantage to quite time to gain a contact from the park to qualify for KRMNPA.

KRMNPA ID – 3NP-039 Tarra-Bulga National Park Gaining the single contact needed for KRMNPA 2m with VK3SP

VK3/VT-046 Mt Tassie

It was a wet weekend and responsibilities for the day didn’t finish until late so activated Mt Tassie on the way home Sunday. This is a summit with good access and open operating positions. As it was wet and windy I decided to operate just below the summit using a wooden wall setup in a picnicking area. There were no bears but the leaches had also decided to move there out of the weather.

Setup end fed and picked up 3 CW contacts then decided to head pack up and use the HT from the summit top to take advantage of ‘2m Fields Days’ and get out of the weather.

It was a busy summit as VK2VRO Joel who had also been participating with WICEN turned up. I was qualified by then so gave him a contact then headed home as still had a long way to go.

Got home late and tried however had gained a new summit, complete and an park for KRMNPA.