11072021 – HEMA VK3/HVC-038 & SOTA VK3/VC-032

11072021 – HEMA VK3/HVC-038 & SOTA VK3/VC-032

HEMA VK3/HVC-038 Mt Blackwood.

New hill that didn’t qualify for SOTA but recently listed in HEMA.

This hill is visible from the highway and train heading to Melbourne. Has easy access as hosts telecommunications towers. The site is open and provides many sites to setup from.

View back to VK3/VC-018, VK3/VC-019 & VK3/HCV041

Setup the 80m end fed and qualified. Took in the views before heading off for SOTA summit VK3/VC032.

Antenna across VK3/VC-032.

I drove across from Blackwood taking Blackwood Ridge then Camp road however access to Wombat State forest is closed from Daylesford. This is due to damage from recent high winds. Whilst there were no trees across the road, there was plenty of evidence of the recent damage.

VK3/VC032 is a favourite of mine. The site use to be open however now the saplings are moving in and prospering. Still enough room for antenna with a convenient antenna mount in the middle of the site. Qualified on 40m and headed home whilst the weather held out.