31072021 – HEMA VK3/HVC-041 Black Hill

31072021 – HEMA VK3/HVC-041 Black Hill

This is a local hill that I have been looking forward to activating from for a while. It does not have prominence so not included in SOTA but qualifies for HEMA.

view from VK3/HVC-041.

VK3/VC-018 Mt Buninyong to the left and VK3/VC-019 Mount Warrenheip (VKFF-2402 Mount Warrenheip FLR) to the right.

This is a private hill however access is easy. I will share the owners details to any who ask but wont publish. Heedless to say if you drive around the site who to contact is very clear. I approached the owners on the way home from VK3VC032 ans setup access for the next weekend. COVID returned and we went into lockdown so plans shelved for a while. Once restrictions were lifted confirmed permission and headed off in the during the lull of bad weather.

Struggles making contacts until realised 80m end fed antenna was faulty. I had repaired the connector from earlier activation but is appears the matching box also has issues. Ran up the 20/30/540 trapped endfed and qualified with CW and local 2m contact.

Wind is a issue on site and could see the expected frount coming through so packed up and headed home satasfied in bagging a local hill.

VK3ARH QTH in behind the saddle. Yes we are surrounded by wind turbines