26092021 – SiOTA VK-BLL3 & VK-DLE3

26092021 – SiOTA VK-BLL3 & VK-DLE3

COVID Restrictions had been eased. There has not a lot of activating going on here but i have kept my eye on two Silos in the Ballarat area. SiOTA rules describe the activation zone to be within 1km of the silo. This gives an lot of room to operate. You can check the activation zones using Google Earth by downloading boundary files and zooming in on the site of interest.;

You can operate mobile (/M) or portable. Given the weather I will be operating from the car. There is a lot of room here to setup an solid station as a lot of the limitations usually associated with portable operations are irrelevant.

VK-BLL3 North Ballarat

This is the Allied mills site behind Bunnings. The site is in the middle of town so I was expecting high noise. Given the generous activation zone I was able to setup in the car park next to Office Works and proceeded to chase contacts from the car.

view to VK-BLL3

VK-DLE3 Delacombe

The silos appear to be Barley store for Joe White Maltings. The activation zone for this site includes Victoria park. There is a lot of scope here for setting up full size antenna as the park is open and clear. Not this time, operated from the car with the vertical.

view to VK-DLE3

Successfully qualified both sites with 40m SSB. These urban sites have challenges due to the high noise level present. Looking forward to heading out to the rural sites and seeing more of the country.

Off to update my log processing routines to support the ADIF files required to submit logs.

….. Ok Updated. The script to process logs in ADIF format to prepare for submitting now supports SiOTA.

So I use MacLoggerDX and the process is to;

  • highlight entries in McLoggerDX.
  • select export as ADIF
  • upload to PnP
  • click process
  • check the results
  • download the SiOTA file
  • login to SiOTA to submit

and away you go. Report any issues with the process as it works for me with my files but do expect challenges.