VK5 National & Conservation Parks Award

VK5 National & Conservation Parks Award

April 2013 saw the launch of a new award the VK5 National & Conservation Parks Award.

It promotes portable operation in South Australia’s 21 National Parks and 262 Conservation Parks. Details as to parks – http://www.ahars.com.au/htm/parks_list.html

Finally picked up enough unique entries to qualify for (belated Bronze) Silver Status,

Status 27072013





Each South Australian National Park shall qualify with 2 points. Each South Australian Conservation Park shall qualify with 1 point.

For Australian amateur radio operators / Australian short wave listeners, the Award will be issued in 5 levels as follows:

(a) Bronze A total of 10 points
(b) Silver A total of 20 points
(c) Gold A total of 35 points
(d) Platinum A total of 50 points
(e) Diamond A total of 70 points



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      Hi Allen,
      Thanks a lot for supporting & promoting this new Award/program, which is long overdue here in S.A.
      It is slowly picking up momentum and we have some dedicated VK3 ‘Hunters’.


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