2021. The year that barely was,

2021. The year that barely was,

2021 taught us to plan but to detach from the outcome. So whilst there may have been grand plans for activity,2021 was not a big year for activating as circumstances changed.

Time was a premium as I joined local SES and WICEN units. Can see need for preparedness given the frequent and severe extreme weather events occurring. This is due to Climate change and will become more frequent due to inaction. I will encourage all activators to also join WICEN and local CFA / SES groups as our communities will need the skills we have developed to support communications in compromised conditions (BOM, CSIRO, NASA, Guardian & Climate council).

COVID accounted for limited travel restrictions and cancellation of planned Grampians weekend there are other factors including Subie starting to fail and the La Niña. COVID also slowed WICEN and SES activities due to restrictions and cancellations.

La Niña had unexpected impact as resulted in several storms / floods coming through resulting in weekends of cleaning up and mowing / maintenance to keep up with the accelerated growth;

Two Tawny frogmouth (Podargus strigoides) on a branch downed in a storm
Roos breading like rabbits in good conditions.
Here we have 4 generations local to our property as two mature females, al least one with Joey in pouch

Subie was sourced for SOTA some ~9 years ago. (late 2012) and got me in and out of several sticky situations and all over the pace chasing summits. She started to fail (harmonic balancer, windscreen, couple of close calls overheating) and we hit a pot hole up on Bryces Plain which resulted in damage to the rear tail shaft / diff. I’ve decided not to spend any more time fixing. Two reasons, she has 390+ Ks on her so limited value and have Hybrid RAV4 on order.

Subie October 2012 – December 2022

There whilst there was activity both recorded,

and not,

  • SOTA
    • 01012022 – New years Activation
    • 29122921 – VK3/VC-018
    • 14062021 – VK3/VC-024
    • 20032021 – VK3/VT-046
    • 14032021 – VK3/VC-030 in WWFF You Yangs Regional Park (VKFF-0982)
    • 07032921 – VK3/VS-016 in WWFF Langi Ghiran State Park (VKFF-0760)
  • Parks
    • KRNMPA 14112021 – WWFF Brisbane Ranges National Park (VKFF-0055)
    • WWFF Weekend 27112021 – WWFF Lake Purrumbete Wildlife Reserve (VKFF-2361)

2021 was a year to just get through. Anyway once I work out how to get the radios into the new car, I’m looking forward to getting out to play radio in 2022 but ready to just stay close.

The root of suffering is attachment.” Buddha