March 2012

SOTA went live Feb 2012.

VK3WAM prepared and submitted the ARM and Summit list.

VK3ZPF notified KRMNPA group 08 Feb 2012

Joined SOTA group 17/02/12. 

Didn’t have a working battery for the FT817 so ordered  a 2400mAh unit from W4RT.  

VK3WAM was off straight from the word go,

VK3WAM 11/Feb/2012 VK3/VT-066 (Mt Worth)
K0MOS 16/Feb/2012 VK3/VS-049 (Crowsnest Lookout)
VK3ZPF 26/Feb/2012 VK3/VC-025 (Mt Dandenong)
VK3WAM 10/Mar/2012 VK3/VT-001 (Mt Howitt)
VK3WAM 11/Mar/2012 VK3/VE-012 (Mt Marjorie)
VK3HRA 11/Mar/2012 VK3/VC-018 (Mt Buninyong)
VK3WAM 11/Mar/2012 VK3/VE-016 (King Billy No 1)


11/Mar/2012 VK3/VC-018 (Mt Buninyong)

FT840 , tuner, 7Ha GEL battery and ladder line dipole.

Parked at the carpark at bottom and carried up to the top. Heavy.


17/Mar/2012 VK3/VW-016 (West of England Fire Tower)

Combined with  NP activation.

Still using gel cell but obtained squid pole and 40m  dipole


24/Mar/2012 VK3/VC-019 (Mt Warrenheip)

Battery arrives. FT-817 now active.

Buddstick ordered

First S2S with VK3PF